Доктор Себаг провёл Вебинары 17 января. Я запись послушал на вопрос когда будет все готово для лечения он предположил 5-7 лет при условие если...
Dear Supporter,

to offer full transparency, our webinar with Dr. Sebag (dated January 17th 2021) has been recorded and is available to view.

In this webinar, Dr. Sebag explains the latest research efforts, the exciting news of his latest publication, our Q&A session and more.

We want all of our supporters to see what is happening behind the scenes and the objectives we are working toward in our mission to cure eye floaters.

>>>Watch the video here

We'll continue to make progress researching a cure, but we can only do this with your support. Your help allows us to continue the fight for clear vision.

Your VDM Team
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